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About Simplex Loan

Simplex Loan is Philippines' #1 credit marketplace.

The internet has made the world more streamlined, and the realm of lending is no exception. Peer-to-peer lending networks have the advantage of bypassing large middlemen and putting lenders and borrowers in direct contact, which creates a more transparent and fulfilling process for everyone.

Peer-to-Peer lender, 100% transparent & simple - Simplex Loan matches creditworthy borrowers looking for low rate loans with shrewd lenders so both receive a much better deal.


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Personal Loan

to 500k
from 15k

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Car Loan

80% of price
up to

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Business Loan

to 150k
from 15k

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How Do the Others

Non-flexible, institutional, high interest rate

Lots of requirements, long verification process

Lengthy approval and releases

Limited payment option

No monthly statements

How We Work

Personalized, noncommercial, low interest rate

Easy requirements, same day verification process

Release within 24 hours

Various payment options, including free pick up

Up-to-date information on the mobile phone application

Why Choose Us


Peer-to-peer lending was conceived as a way to democratize finance, by using technology to bring borrowers and lenders together. Individuals could make their pitches to borrow money or offer credit without the involvement of institutional lenders.


Verification and security are important parts of our process. In order to complete your loan application, we verify your identity and income mostly by submitting your documents online.


It generally only takes 24 hours from receiving all your relevant supporting documentation to provide the applicant with a decision.


Simplex Loan is not your ordinary company, so expect extraordinary customer support around the clock. Remarkable customer service has the power to change someone's day or even life.