Who We Are

Simplex Loan, Inc. is part of the Orange Card Lending Investors Corporation. We have been in operation since January 2012. We might be new in the industry but we are solidly backed by a management team with several years of experience in management and financing business.

Ildefonso Rosales

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ildefonso Rosales has years of experience in financing. He was with the Norkis Group of Companies, managing the company’s auto financing and pawnshop operations. He joined Nikita Group of Companies eight years ago. He is in charge of managing and overseeing the day-to-day operational activities of companies, including Simplex Loan, Inc. under the Orange Card Lending Investors, Corp. umbrella. During his years with the company, Mr. Rosales has opened 26 new branches and offices in Mindanao, Panay and Bohol.

Reggie Lacanglacang

Chief Accountant and Treasurer

Mrs. Reggie Lacanglacang is in-charge of the financing activities of Simplex Loan, Inc. She is also in-charge of the preparation of financial statements and company payroll.

Roden Goloso

Human Resources Manager

In-charge or hiring and handling employee issues is our Human Resources Manager, Mr. Roden Goloso.

Nikolai Pesochenskii

Chief Information Officer

Our website, our secure servers and our propriety software development are all ably handled by Mr. Nikolai Pesochenskii.

Julito Bantiles

Chief, Simplex Loan Auditing Department

The auditing department of Simplex Loan, Inc. is under the care of Mr. Bantiles. He also takes charge of recruiting and management of a team of financial auditors and prepares all the audit reports of the company for submission to management.

Himey Hiyas

Chief, Simplex Loan Legal Department

The management of a financing institution carries a lot of legal responsibilities. Our legal department is headed by a highly experienced lawyer, Attorney Himey Hiyas, who has a vast experience in the handling and preparation of loan agreements, overseeing that our financing operations are in accordance with Philippine laws and those of the financial governing bodies that cover financial institutions. Attorney Hiyas is also our legal counsel and represents the company in court.

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Why Choose Us


Peer-to-peer lending was conceived as a way to democratize finance, by using technology to bring borrowers and lenders together. Individuals could make their pitches to borrow money or offer credit without the involvement of institutional lenders.


Verification and security are important parts of our process. In order to complete your loan application, we verify your identity and income mostly by submitting your documents online.


It generally only takes 24 hours from receiving all your relevant supporting documentation to provide the applicant with a decision.


Simplex Loan is not your ordinary company, so expect extraordinary customer support around the clock. Remarkable customer service has the power to change someone's day or even life.