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Do you have spare cash you’d like to invest? Do you like to help people who are in a temporary financial bind? Simplex Loan, Inc. is building a large network of short-term loan investors, which could give you more return for your money.

Why invest in Simplex Loan, Inc.?

If you have spare cash, the first thing you think of is depositing it in a bank, maybe opt for a time deposit to avail of larger interest rates. However, the bank will also use your money, lending it to borrowers for a higher interest. There are several methods the banks use to get greater returns for the money depositors entrust to the bank, and they get to keep it, not you!

With Simplex Loan, Inc. we eliminate lengthy and tedious processes. This means that the money you will lend with get a much higher return. It’s a bonus income while you focus on other things, building you a nice nest egg for the future.

Investment Package

You can be a Simplex Loan, Inc. investor for as low as ₱ 10,000 or $10,000. It’s a good alternative short-term investment. You get the returns for your investment for a maximum of 12 months. This could be shorter, depending on the terms of the loan a borrower signs up for.

What’s more, you get to choose the borrower. We link you to people with immediate and short-term financial needs. You can review their profile and their credit history with us. We process the paperwork; you do the approval.

The investment we will manage for you will carry a fixed interest rate* each month for the duration of the loan, with a maximum payment terms of twelve (12) months. Your money does not remain idle, it earns each month and by the end of the loan period, you will realize that it is indeed a wise idea to invest with us.

The interest rate we will give you, even after we have deducted our share will still be higher and far more profitable than what you can get from any bank interest. The interest your money will earn if you put it in time deposit with a bank at most will be 0.500% to 0.625%. This means that your ₱10,000 360-day time deposit will only earn between ₱50.00 and ₱62.50.

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At Simplex Loan, Inc. we make it fast and simple for you to earn money through short term loan investments. We like to help other people and we want to keep everyone, both our borrowers and lenders, protected. We work efficiently and securely and we give you a much larger share of the benefits we earn.

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* Our interest rate and sharing are stated in the Investor Contract.
Reminder: We will collect personal and bank details from you when you sign up as an investor.

Why Choose Us


Peer-to-peer lending was conceived as a way to democratize finance, by using technology to bring borrowers and lenders together. Individuals could make their pitches to borrow money or offer credit without the involvement of institutional lenders.


Verification and security are important parts of our process. In order to complete your loan application, we verify your identity and income mostly by submitting your documents online.


It generally only takes 24 hours from receiving all your relevant supporting documentation to provide the applicant with a decision.


Simplex Loan is not your ordinary company, so expect extraordinary customer support around the clock. Remarkable customer service has the power to change someone's day or even life.