Simplex Loan, Inc. has gathered all the possible questions you might have about applying for a loan with our company and has provided the best and most informative answers for you to clearly understand our policies, our loan application process, your requirements and what is expected from both parties. Our FAQ page is already comprehensive and we encourage you to read every question and answer here. Should you have additional questions that are not found here, kindly send your questions to our Customer Service Assistance through or call our office at phone number +63 (032) 340.45.40 during business hours.

What is Simplex Loan, Inc.?

Simplex Loan, Inc. is a lending company operating under its parent company, Orange Card Lending Investors, Corporation with the main office based in Cebu City and operates several branches in Samar, Negros and Mindanao. It specializes in extending short-term loans to regular office employees such as call center agents, travel agents, clerks and data encoders who might need immediate help in their cash-flow requirements.

What types of loans does Simplex Loan, Inc. offers?

Simplex Loan, Inc. offers non-collateral short-term personal loans. We offer cash loans to regular office workers who are residents of Cebu, Bohol, Samar, Leyte, Negros, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and Valencia in the Philippines.

Who are qualified to apply a loan at Simplex Loan, Inc.?

Any person who is gainfully employed and above 18 years of age is qualified to apply for a short-term loan.

What are the requirements to qualify for a loan from Simplex Loan, Inc.?

The major requirements are for you to have a two-year traceable employment and a bank account.

What if I have bad credit or do not have credit at all?

You do not have to worry. Simplex Loan, Inc. offers short-term loans to people who have bad credit or no credit. However, the interest rate on your loan will be higher than usual if you belong to this category of borrowers.

What is the cost of obtaining a loan from Simplex Loan, Inc.?

There is no cost involved in applying for a loan.

How much can I borrow from Simplex Loan, Inc.?

Simplex Loan, Inc. understands that there are instances when your regular salary is not enough for your immediate financial needs. We offer short-term cash loans from ₱10,000 to a maximum of ₱100,000.

What is the loan process?

Simplex Loan, Inc. offers online loan applications. Visit our website and simply fill up the loan application form in full and click Submit. After your loan application has been submitted, our Credit Investigation Department assigns an agent to verify all the information that you have provided in your loan application form. It will take 24 to 48 hours for the verification to be conducted. The Loan Committee then decides on the interest rate that will be charged to the amount of loan you applied for. Once approved, your cash loan will be deposited to your bank account on the next regular business day.

How come I cannot complete the registration process?

Our application form has safeguards in place. We require you to fill up all the required information we need and do not leave anything blank. If there are no errors and you continue to encounter problems with your registration, please call +63 (032) 340.45.40 and a Customer Service representative will help you.

Does Simplex Loan do a credit and/or background check on the loan applicant?

Yes, we do conduct routine credit and background check on every applicant that has completed and submitted a loan application with us. This is the reason why we require each loan applicant to be truthful in their answers to the questions in the application and provide us verifiable information in the application form as well. This will not only expedite the processing of your loan application but also could lead to the early approval of your loan application and a much lower rate of interest.

What if I have other questions on the loan process?

We have enumerated the work flow for processing your loan application but if you have additional questions, you can call our Customer Service center at telephone number +63 (032) 340.45.40 and a representative will gladly answer your questions. If you have the time, you can drop by our office at Nikita Financial Center, No. 8 R. Colina St., Mabolo, Cebu City or its branch office in your area during office hours from Monday to Friday to meet with a loan manager and get a loan kit.

Is there a cost to apply for a loan at Simplex Loan, Inc.?

Applying for a loan with us does not cost a cent. The cost you will incur comes after your loan application has been approved and the full loan amount has been released as there is a corresponding interest added to the total amount of the loan, as well as other standard charges.

Do I have to be employed and receive a regular income?

Yes, you have to be employed and are receiving a regular income for you to pre-qualify in applying for a loan with Simplex Loan, Inc. We do not require any collateral from our borrowers, but we do require that a loan applicant should be regularly employed, receives a regular salary and maintains a bank account.

Why do I need to have a bank account?

Your loan, if approved will be deposited to your bank account. We do not hand over the total cash loan to you personally. One of our payment options is to withdraw the scheduled payment from your bank account if you opt to issue pre-signed withdrawal slips to us.

Do I need to present supporting documents?

An account manager assigned to your will take charge of verifying all the information you have provided us. This includes visiting your place of work and meeting with you so the paper work can be started. You have to submit a Certificate of Employment that details how long you have been working at the company, your position, your monthly salary and other monetary benefits. Our account manager will also take your photo that will be attached to your personal information and account ledger.

How and when do I know if I am approved for a loan?

Simplex Loan, Inc. will send you an SMS or an email informing you that your loan has been approved. You will still get a message from us if your loan application has been declined. We keep your loan application on file and you can re-apply for a loan again. While our rules are stringent, we carefully scrutinize each and every loan application because Simplex Loan, Inc. wants to help the common Filipino workers residing in Cebu, Bohol, Samar, Leyte, Negros, Butuan, Valencia and Cagayan de Oro who cannot avoid being burdened by an immediate need for cash. If there are funds available, we will contact the borrower and offer them an option to re-apply for a loan.

How will I get the loan amount?

Once you have been approved and you have received the notification from us, you must visit us at our office at Nikita Financial Center, No. 8 R. Colina St., Mabolo, Cebu City, or the branch office near you during office hours, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, from Monday to Friday to sign the Loan Agreement. The total loan amount will then be deposited to the borrower’s bank account on the next regular banking day.

How do I pay back the loan amount plus the interest?

We make it easy for you to pay back your loan, because we understand how busy you are and how there are only a few hours left for you to attend to your personal needs. We have three options for you to pay your loan. You can issue post-dated checks to us, corresponding to the monthly payment schedule that is stated in our Loan Agreement. In lieu of post-dated checks if you do not have a checking account, you can issue the required number of pre-signed withdrawal slips and we will take charge of withdrawing your payment from your bank account. You can also choose the option to have our officially-designated collector come to you for the scheduled pick-up of your monthly payment.

Can I pay the loan earlier than agreed?

Yes, paying your loan at an earlier date is allowed. This could actually lower the amount of interest added to the loan amount if you are able to pay your loan earlier than the date stated in our Loan Agreement. We will recalculate the interest rate and reflect the changes in your account ledger.

I checked my bank balance and the loan repayment is not yet collected on the specified date. Why?

It is possible that the repayment has not yet been withdrawn. Rest assured that it will be collected within the regular banking hours and will be reflected in your account ledger as soon as we receive your payment. You will also receive notice from us via email or SMS.

I have not received a confirmation email from Simplex Loan. Why?

You may not have given us the right email address or our email was directed to the junk mail or spam folder. Make sure that you add and in your list of contacts so that your email filter will know that these are safe email addresses.

What happens if I cannot pay the total amount on the due date?

We advise you to inform us at the earliest possible time when you cannot pay the loan. Just send us an email at to inform us of the reasons why you cannot pay the loan. We will study the circumstances and the amount that you have paid so far, and recalculate and restructure your loan to make it easier for you to meet your payment schedule and the amount you have to pay. Please understand that we also have to include additional interest and penalties if you miss out on your scheduled payments.

How do I make early payments?

You can arrange for early payments through our office. The account manager assigned to your account will gladly meet with you and discuss a new loan payment schedule. The same arrangements in loan payments will apply, through regular bank withdrawals by us using your pre-signed withdrawal slips, via post-dated checks or our official collector can come and collect from you at a designated time and place. Your outstanding checks with us that you released earlier will be returned to you. We will collect the new set of post-dated checks or pre-signed withdrawal slips. If you opt to pay in cash, the remaining post-dated checks and pre-signed withdrawal slips will be returned to you with the corresponding acknowledgment receipt.

What happens if I cannot meet the collector on the designated date/day of collection?

We will appreciate you being available at the time, date and place when the personal payment collection is your preferred option. Likewise, if, due to an unavoidable circumstance you cannot be present during the collection date, we will appreciate you informing us by phone call at +63 (032) 340.45.40 at least thirty minutes to one hour before the scheduled appointment. This gives us time to inform our collector so he/she will not have a wasted trip. We will arrange for the collector to come at a later time, on the same day, preferably or within our approved five-day grace period.

How many outstanding loans can I have?

Simplex Loan, Inc. wants to make your financial situation better and not burden you with additional financial worry. It is our company’s policy that a borrower can only have one outstanding loan at a time to make it easier for you to manage your loan repayments.

If I have already paid my loan in full, how soon can I apply for another loan?

We will still treat you as a regular loan applicant and evaluate your new loan application. However, since you are already a regular client, your credit history with us will be used to evaluate your current loan application. Just like any new loan applicant, it will take 24 to 48 hours before you hear from us regarding the status of your new loan application.

What is a referral ID and how do I get one?

Simplex Loan, Inc. encourages our clients to refer other clients who are in need of immediate and short-term loans to us. Once you register for a loan application through our website,, you will be given a referral ID, which you can give to the friends you refer to us.

Do I get a commission when I make referrals? How much commission do you give?

Yes, you get a commission for each approved referral when the loan has been released. Our company gives one percent commission from the total amount of the loan approved and released to your referral.

In case of change of address, status and/or change of employer and phone numbers, how do I notify Simplex Loan, Inc.?

You can make legitimate changes in your personal information by logging in to your account on our website and going to the profile section. This is a linked page and will immediate notify out Credit Investigation Department of the changes. Please remember that all changes will also be verified by us and are still subject to approval.

How do I contact Simplex Loan, Inc. for past due payments?

You can get in touch with the account manager assigned to you or your designated collector through phone number +63 (032) 340.4540 during business hours, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

What are your charges for late payment?

We offer a grace period of five (5) days wherein you can still pay your scheduled loan payment without incurring penalty charges. After the five days grace period has expired and you are still unable to pay, we will enforce an additional 15% penalty that will be added to the delinquent amount.

What if I forgot my username and password?

Our website has a “Forgot Password” option and you can request to have your password sent to your legitimate and primary email address. Our website also has the option for you to login to your account using your Gmail, Yahoo! or Facebook accounts.

Why do you need to collect personal information?

The personal and financial information you provide assists us in determining your creditworthiness. That is why we ask you to provide all the information we require because this will be used in determining and processing your loan application. This is also a criterion for determining the amount of interest that will be applied to your loan. Your personal information serves as a guide in determining your moral and financial standing.

What type of personal information does Simplex Loan, Inc. collect?

We only collect personal information that we can verify.

Is my personal information secured? How do you secure it?

Simplex Loan, Inc. takes your privacy very seriously. We use secure servers and all information in our database is protected by state-of-the-art technology.

What does Simplex Loan, Inc. do with my personal information?

The personal information we collect from you is for our internal use only. We use the information you provide to verify your identity and help us proceed with the processing of your loan application and aid us in our collection of payment.

Do you share a loan applicant’s personal information with a third party?

We do not share your information with any third party nor are we engaged in selling your personal information to any person, group or corporation.

Can I cancel my loan any time?

Yes, you can cancel your loan but only prior to the release of the loan amount. You can immediately inform us by calling our office number, send us an email or visit our office and inform us that you are cancelling your loan application.

Can I make partial payments or additional payments when I am able?

Yes, you can make additional payments outside of your scheduled payments. This could help lower the interest rate on the remaining amount of your loan. We want to make it as easy for you to pay us back and our flexible loan management software is configured with this additional features.

How does Simplex Loan, Inc. protect my personal information?

Your cooperation is required to keep your personal information secured when you use our website. We urge you not to share your account name and password with anyone. Be very careful on who has access to your accounts in social networking sites because this can be used to gain access and tamper with the loan application you lodge with us. Our website and servers have SSL layers certified by Verisign to fully protect your information.

I understand that loan interest rate varies. What other fees do you collect with each approved loan application?

We are very transparent with the additional fees we collect. Regardless of the loan amount, we collect a standard attorney’s fee of ₱200, a service charge of ₱150 upon the release of the loan and 1.5% loan origination fee.

What is the loan origination fee?

The loan origination fee is a fee charged for the handling of the loan. It is also called a loan activation fee. For example, if your loan amount is ₱10,000, you multiply it with 1.5% to get ₱150, which represents the loan origination fee.

What happens if my check bounced or insufficiently funded?

We will charge you ₱350.00 when you check bounces or there is insufficient fund in your checking account to pay for your installment. Please understand that we will use every means necessary including the filing of a criminal case against delinquent borrowers.

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Peer-to-peer lending was conceived as a way to democratize finance, by using technology to bring borrowers and lenders together. Individuals could make their pitches to borrow money or offer credit without the involvement of institutional lenders.


Verification and security are important parts of our process. In order to complete your loan application, we verify your identity and income mostly by submitting your documents online.


It generally only takes 24 hours from receiving all your relevant supporting documentation to provide the applicant with a decision.


Simplex Loan is not your ordinary company, so expect extraordinary customer support around the clock. Remarkable customer service has the power to change someone's day or even life.